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Sleep Tight on Foam Mattress


You are in the market for a new mattress, but after looking at the different types, brands and expenses of these mattresses, you are more confused than before. You finally make a decision of a memory foam mattress, but what exactly is memory foam?

Memory foam was invented in the mid 1960’s by NASA as an airplane seat. It is soft and highly energy absorbent. It is made from a substance called viscoelastic. Memory foam is made from polyurethane, which are spherical shaped open cells. It is temperature and weight sensitive. Being temperature sensitive, the mattress is firmer in colder temperatures and more elastic in warmer temperatures. Memory foam supports the head, neck, knees and other joints while keeping the spine in proper alignment. These mattresses mold to the form of the body as a solution to heat and stress. Once the stress is released, the mattress returns to its original form.

Memory foam has been used in applications besides mattresses. It has been used in cushion for helmets and shoes. It then made its way into the medical field by easing the discomfort felt by bed-ridden patients. These patients often developed bedsores and ulcers from lying on an uncomfortable surface. It then moved into the mattress industry and comes in different densities and depths to give the buyer a great night’s sleep.

The heat from your body helps memory foam soften so that your body is supported by its curves and natural lines. Without coiled springs, you don’t feel your partner’s movements quite as much which leaves you with a more restful sleep. There is an odor of a chemical, which is called off-gassing. To steer clear of this issue, you need to leave the mattress uncovered for at least 24 hours before you use it. While no harm has come to those who didn’t follow these directions, it is more pleasant to wait until the odor dissipates. Additives have been added to some of these mattresses to mask the odor, but you may not like the smell of green tea, aloe vera or activated charcoal.

According to thebest-mattress products come in different densities, and advertisements don’t usually give this information, so be sure to ask the salesperson when comparing different brands. Some mattresses may not be dense enough for a larger than average person, while others may be too dense. One of the outstanding things is heat retention. Consumers complain the mattress hold an uncommon amount of body heat making it uncomfortable to sleep. Producers are working on this issue and some have incorporated a support gel to help in the mattress breathing better to rid it off some of the body heat. Memory foam mattress often weigh over inner spring ones which makes flipping the mattress over more tough and is often a two-man job. Memory foam seems to sag less than other types of mattresses which give the mattress more of a life span. Be sure to check the warranty on any mattress before you purchase it. Most producers offer you with up to a 90-day free trial. And, as with other mattresses, memory foam should last in between 10-15 years without any things.